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I’m trying to pay my home bill thru Telus app but when I enter my email it directs me to my mobile account. I have never been sent a paper bill so I do not know my account number. I have been a mobile customer for over 20 years but this problem is ma...

PIK TV with a rural internet provider

I currently have a dial-up internet account with Telus, due to lack of high speed internet service availability in my area. I also have a separate rural high speed internet provider. Can I sign up for Telus PIK TV with my current dial-up account with...

KarlH by Just Moved In
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RokuTV with optik

I have a RokuTV and I just recently reconnected my optik box, however, the image on the screen isn’t full sized. It has black all around the edges. I have used the settings and adjusted the size and used the zoom option but it still isn’t full sized....

Xoparis by Just Moved In
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Just had 4K Wireless installed… no access to PVR

Ok so this might be a stupid question but we had 4K wireless installed and all the boxes look identical. Which one is my PVR? We moved some boxes as we installed a new tv and now we don’t have access to the PVR recordings on any tv.Help!

All On-Demand Episodes of Shangri-La Have Disappeared

Shangri-La is on Showtime available on-demand though Crave.I am half-way though watching it. Now all the episodes have disappeared...though the trailer remains. Can you tell me what happened to all the episodes? Thanks.

DJK by Just Moved In
  • 2 replies
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Random descriptive audio

When watching episodes on crave on the Optik tv box, some episodes randomly enable descriptive audio. I can disable it for that episode but once the next on starts it is enabled again. This started happening pretty recently does anyone have an idea w...

Chris780 by Just Moved In
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Cable box problems

Ok so power went out when it came back on basement box would just flash nothing else so I tried the box from upstairs it didn’t work either just flashed but they worked when I tried them in the bedroom tried resetting modem nothing tried new Ethernet...

Remote issue..

I have a Toshiba flatscreen and when programming my 4k remote it controls the power on and off no problem.. It however won't control the volume..My other non 4k remote with my other tv. No problem it controls everything.Why does the 4k not work?Anyon...

Walking dead season 11

When will you start making new episodes of The Walking Dead season 11 available on PIKTV?

aks by Just Moved In
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