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Telus door to door scam

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I've been a Telus customer for 20 years. Happily paying for the highest service to get fast internet. Telus agents came door to door and told me they could give me they could offer a big discount on service due to a strata deal. My price would go from $115 to $95 a month. I would also get cameras that I could use or sell but the total price would not be over $95 a month. Sounded fine to me to save $20 a month. They called to confirm and said the same deal, not exceeding $95 a month. I agreed.


I just got the 'confirmed contract' and my bill after discounts is $140. Is it even legal to do this? Telus is straight up just scamming now. Why would Telus completely push away long term customers like this? Now I have no choice but to call in the morning and cancel everything. They turned me from a long term customer into an enemy in one money hungry move. Shame.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you sure these were Telus representatives? Also did you get the quote in writing?

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Yeah I'm pretty sure they were from Telus. I was watching out for that. They had all my information and I didn't give anything other than confirm my first name. I also got a Telus service change a few days later. I asked for something written that I could see but they said they didn't have anything printed and they would call me to do a verbal confirmation. That should have been my time to get out. I do have a doorbell recording of the conversation.


I called them in the morning and spent a few hours on the phone being passed around. Turns out they signed me up for a security package without asking and just added that on top of my current bill. I do genuinely like my internet service so I didn't cancel but my trust level is pretty low.


Be careful for these door to door sales! If I didn't call I would have been locked into a three year payment with a giant early termination fee.