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can't log into admin account

Just Moved In
We have a new Telus white cylinder (B20A). I tried to login the admin panel (, but the default admin password(the one at the bottom of the cylinder) doesn't work.

This is a question I saw on here and the solution given didn't help at all so I did my own research and found the answer.

you likely have two pieces of equipment:

First is the router or access point. It's a white cylinder that has your wifi password and name on it

The second is your modem. A flat white box that the router/access point connects to.

the gateway IP that you are likely using connects you to your modem, so your access point's admin info won't work. Find the modem, use that admin info, and then you can look at its connected devices to find the IP of the access point. The info is under the face-plate, use a flathead to pry it off

I had issues getting the faceplate off but what I did was using a flathead, pry only at the very bottom of the panel where the screw hole is. There's just one clip there and you have to put in a more force than you would think considering how flimsy the sides of the panel are.

Hope this helps

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good info, thanks for sharing.