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wifi issues

I always have buffering when I use my Chromecast, and my internet is very slow.I have tried all the fixes for buffering.My friend was over and she opened her tablet to play a game, but could not because of the wifi buffering/dropping. At the time onl...

ping 2.png test.png

Can ZTE MF288 Smart Hub work with VPN services?

Hi there, I use ZTE MF288 provided by TELUS. Whether it's possible to use the device with a VPN to connect a remote PC? I have a laptop with Windows 10 installed. Does the smart hub come with some built-in VPN or I need to take advantage of some addi...

Can I get rid of the Alcatel Lucent

I have a rack mounted switch with SPF ports and adapters coming, trying to remove anything provided from Telus that really doesn't need to be part of my network. Get rid of bulk, get rid of transition points etc. I have 300/300 not that it matters, b...

Cizuz by Friendly Neighbour
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Steam gift card

I signed up for unlimited data with internet 300 and got a bonus. I thought it was $200 in a Visa gift card, turns out its $200 in a Steam gift card. It's for a gaming site. I dont play games. Is there a way to trade it in for a Visa card?? Has anyon...

Cjones78 by Just Moved In
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Telus My Wifi App not letting me login

Hi, app was working fine until yday. Now it won’t even let me login. I can login to Mytelus and my Telus on the website just fine. It just won’t work on my iPhone, iOS 12. Not sure what’s up?!

Haussie by Organizer
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Why does TELUS NOT respond to customers?

We have been waiting 3 weeks now for internet and cable home service.Missed 2 days of work for techs that don't show up, with no call back, apology or re-schedule.Spend close to 9 hours in hold (to date...) only to be promised call backs, and get non...

CraigM by Just Moved In
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telus webmail

Hi i have not been able to log into Telus webmail since Sept 26 , i will either get password error or A network service error has occurred. When i tried to contact the 24/7 virtual assistant tonight but i get the message that they are closed lol.Anyo...

Kim-Me by Neighbour
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