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Optimal internet speed

My service is a joke. I pay full price for crap service. I would like to know if there is an issue with my hardware or connection. Can’t have more than one device access the internet without crippling my internet speed

Telus Mail To Shaw Mail Problem

There is definitely a problem going on with email between Telus accounts and Shaw accounts which started around May 1. Emails are intermittently lost. I setup a test Telus Webmail to Shaw Webmail (so there are no email client issues to be concerned a...

Kenc by Organizer
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Tells t3200m

i have optic pure fibre 150/150 but I'm getting huge lag on my ps4 during gaming. i have my lan wire plug in and i feel like my connection should be a lot better with the fibre connection. any help would be happy

kpalsen by Neighbour
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recommended router for QOS?

I'm an internet 25 customer - nothing higher is available where I am located, out in the sticks - and I have already searched this forum enough to see that the Actiontec T3200M that came with my Telus subscription doesn't support QOS. The problem is ...

creekwalk by Just Moved In
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RESTART icon not showing on all ATN channels

So we already rebooted the box and the tech already changed the PVR to a 4K one. He even plugged one of the wireless boxes to the same TV but we are still not getting the Restart icon. It says here on the forum that ATN channels should have that icon...

gracie by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Is IPv6 needed for Optic TV to work?

I have a newly installed Telus T3200m router with my Optic TV and Internet 75 Account. I have been trying to set up a specific static WAN ip on the router to use a DNS proxy but it only works on IPv4. What will I lose if I disable IPv6.

Sehansen by Organizer
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Telus pulling out of retail?

I was in London Drugs the other day where they have a dedicated OptikTV area yet when inquiring about purchasing hardware they're no longer receiving equipment...not much on BestBuy website either?

Resolved! Hardwire Wireless Box

Is it possible to hardwire a wireless 4k box as I am running ethernet to the area where the box is located?

Email to Myself

If I log on to Webmail directly, I can send an e-mail to myself. The test e-mail shows on Sent Mail and appears in the Inbox. When using MS Outlook 365 mail client, however, I cannot. At both the client level and the Webmail level, the e-mail shows u...

Kenc by Organizer
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Resolved! ZTE MF275R Bridge Mode?

Good Day, Does anyone happen to know if the Smart Hub has a bridge mode I can activate? The settings are too limited for my taste with the Smart Hub so I'd like to pass it along to my router as the settings are significantly better than what is avail...

J_Y117 by Organizer
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