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When can I expect a return call ?

On April 15 I talked to a TELUS security sales rep. He promised to call me back on April 22. It is now April 28 and still no call. Is this the way a communication company deals with it's customer communication ? I have been a TELUS Home/Optik/Interne...


Our tv and internet out. In the Olympic Village vancouver. Anyone else?

Flyfine by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Online Gaming Rural

Hiya Telus community.So I have had ADSL in Lumby BC a rural area since 2011. I've started to looking into upgrading my service again after 8 years.I currently have a plan called internet six(6mbps down/ less then 1mbps up). It has never been a plan t...

Dionysus by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How do I really know if it’s Telus calling?

My call display shows TELUS and the number 778-771-0187. On my voicemail I hear a name I can’t make out and a request to call back. How do I know if this is a legitimate call from TELUS? I am not feeling I want to call the number back. On occasion I’...

pbsme by Ambassador
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Discussion locked after 2 days

Hey Telus,After a second unhelpful reply by a second point-seeking "community power user"... Telus has locked my post... what's up with that?re:GOT Season 7? Can you just answer the question Telus please? It's common practice to unlock a season when ...

kvwah by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Is it reasonable to request Telus run a patch cord to my PC?

Hi guys, Is it reasonable to request that the Telus technician run a patch cord to my PC? When I had a competitors connection, the installation tech ran coax to my PC and then ran a patch cord from the Gateway to my PC. I only need 1 ethernet wire, a...

Crayfish by Organizer
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Resolved! Internet - Ports forwarded and DMZ but still blocked - Why?

I have been trying to open some ports to my laptop using my ActionTec's T2200H port forwarding feature but no matter what I do when I test them they remain blocked. The image below shows the home page of my Telus router. As a first step I started to ...

Telus Router Settings.png

Resolved! Blocking unidentified devices on my wifi (using router T3200M)

Hi Everyone, I have noticed a number of unidentified devices on my network, and would like to block them from using my network. I have identified as many as I could, and have 'paused' Wifi for unidentified devices using Telus' My-WiFi app. Note that ...

OmerM by Friendly Neighbour
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