Nokia ONT Fail Red Light No Internet/TV for days.

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Its been happening for weeks. Red light on ont, and no internet or tv for days at a time. This is ridiculous.

Telus sent 2 technicians already, replaced the ont. still, internet disconnecting.

Another is coming this week, I cant afford to
have internet disconnected for days at a time. I work at home. And waiting days for a technician to come is frustrating.

3rd time is the charm? I have tried everything I could but nothing seems to work. No tv. No internet. It should have been fixed the first time. Im paying for fibre, I was told it is reliable.
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I understand your frustrations but till a tech is dispatched to fix the issue. There isn’t much you can do when the ONT is red.


Hopefully the tech dispatched will get down to the problem once and for all. Fibre is reliable but sometimes things can get overlooked. 

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At least Telus staff are now able to enter homes to do on-site testing of equipment. They can now make a determination if the fibre itself is the issue.


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