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Internet speeds

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Honestly I'm not complaining but I need someone to tell me whats going on. I'm getting 285mbps download and 280mbps upload and my speedtest says faster than 99% of Canada 🤔 


I am paying for 250/250 but I didn't realize it was this fast. Is this accurate? I've used 3 different speedtest sites and have done it multiple times and it's always around the 280/280 range.


I don't know if it's also worth mentioning that I'm using a Cat 6a cable for my PC and 5G wifi for my laptop and my laptop gets pretty close to those speeds too. So I'm assuming it's accurate.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, it is that fast.

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The advantages of Fibre means physical line speed limitations are basically non-existent. Plans like 150 will see hard wired speeds of 180 and like in your case 250 will get about 280. The ONT in your home is receiving traffic at more than gigabit speeds but the LAN port is throttled to give you the speeds that align with your internet plan.

It's not unusual to get speeds above your plan. I'm on 75 and have averaged 82 for the last 2 years that I've been regularly measuring it.