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Telus Wireless Home PHONE Hub

Hi,(My mom) recently obtained a wireless home phone hub to replace the landline she's had. She doesn't have internet and was not told (it) would be required for the WF723 hub she was sent. However, looking at her account, there are "data charges" for...

Blinker by Just Moved In
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Unrecognized device

My telus wifi connect gave me a notification of an unrecognized mobile apple device but I and my family were out of town. Is it possible for a device to be recognized without the wifi password or does my wifi connect app pick up on devices in my home...

Resolved! Help with Google Maps in "Your Profiles"

So I'm logged in to Telus Gmail and I click on my account letter in top right corner and then select "manage your google account" which opens a new tab with my Google Account pageThen I select Personal InfoI scroll down to "Your profiles" and click o...

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andrew_b by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Help with "Post REPLY"

Is there a time window when posts get locked for further replies?I get this message on what seem to be older forum threads. Oddly though I can give KUDOS on those threads.i do not get this message in any of the "Latest topics in Forums" and of course...

andrew_b by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Not able to enjoy 1.5gb speed internet upgrade

I recently upgraded my internet 1.5gb speed. However it most unfortunate that I use wired connection to my pc, Telus recent hardware does not support anything faster than 1gb wired. Seems like waste, I also kind of think it is false advertisement whe...

Resolved! Iptv

Hello. Can I watch IPTV from a third party provider? Is it legal? Are any laws being broken? For example - I found an iptv list on the network and I watch these channels using an Iptv player. I use Telus to access these channels. Thank you!

Mangush by Just Moved In
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Message Waiting Light Indicator

Since moving my home phone over to fibre last month, my message waiting light on my Nortel 390 phone does not light up anymore after a message is left.I have reviewed previous posts with a similar issue but the suggestions did not help.I have power c...

gpi by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet asking sign in

I had my service suspended apparently, after making a payment. Anyway I paid the bill in full and it's still not working. It is fibre gigabit, when I restart wifi it wants me to sign into the network, which has never happened before. Also when I plug...

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