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I have tried to access my voicemail on my landline and it won't accept my password that I've had for years. Can the fact that we just got connected to fibre optics affect this?

Rone by Just Moved In
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Do these DSL Line 1 numbers seem normal for Internet 50?

Every day we have a couple of 2-3 minute dropouts. It's not a wifi issue, as it happens on Ethernet connected devices too. The whole network just stops responding, web pages hang and things will appear to load forever. Happens to all devices on netwo...

Bridging mode no longer working

Hello, I have been using Telus internet for over two years and I use my own router during the entire time with Telus. However, since late June or early July the bridging mode does not seem to work anymore. The third party router will disconnect from ...

nova1 by Friendly Neighbour
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Joining routers

I have 5 routers and then the telus one spaning 12 achors of my farm land and it seems that when there linkex at surtin times there is no internet that can be accessed and other times there is... telus router is not in brige mode and so there inter c...

Zomoac by Just Moved In
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Resolved! T3200m log files

Hello, Does anyone know how to access the log files of the router please? I'd like to find out what devices have connected to my network. Thank you.

jlijli by Organizer
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Resolved! New Condo Ethernet Port Setup

Hello, I just got telus fiber up and running in my condo unit. This condo came pre-wired with Ethernet ports in the rooms to work with the fiber connection. I have tried connecting the LAN ports from the telus router into the patch panel as shown in ...

Torcida7 by Neighbour
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Need advice on how to run the new Cat6 cables

Hello, I live in an area that I confirmed online where the PureFibre 300/300 is available. My home is currently undergoing a renovation, and I'm think this is probably the best time to run the house with Cat6 cables. I'm not at all familiar with home...

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