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What equipment is being used?


Okay, I think I will be switching over to Telus shortly for Optik TV and Gig Internet.  I'm curious what equipment I will be receiving.  After browsing the forums and the Telus website I can't tell if I will be receiving a T3200 or the Telus WiFi Hub?  Are they the same thing or are they two separate devices?  Just trying to figure out how I will be hooking things up. 


Will they be Wifi 6 compliant?  If not, when will Telus be sending out Wifi 6 equipment?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The devices used during your installation will depend in part on how your house is wired for networking, and could include a combination of ONT and T3200M, ONT and Hub, or just direct connected Hub.


The T3200M and Hub are different devices. Neither is 802.11ax compliant. 
Telus has not released info on release of 802.11ax devices.


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