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Resolved! Recorded program pixelation

Why does 60% of my recorded TV end up pixelated, been dealing with this for two years now and it's still not fixed, absolute garbage, just had a tech out last week and still the exact same problem which has never ended in the first place, was fine ti...

Tanner523 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Showcase on Demand?

Does anyone know if this is available? I keep seeing ads for "incorporated" which shows that it's on Showcase, however there is no On Demand option (as advertised on TV). is Showcase ON Demand not available on TELUS Optik?

jen18 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Paying my bill

I'm trying to pay my internet bill and my bank cibc said I need a 10 digit account number to put on my file my account is 9 digits and there not taking the account my bill is due my the 16th

Internet 50/10 is only 23/8

I am paying for Internet 50/10 and only getting 23/8 speeds for last two months,since signing up for TELUS Internet.Ping times are reasonable 30/40 within Province from Prince George, BCRoughly double that for rest of North America.Don't like paying ...

Randene by Organizer
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Returning internet peripherals

Hello,I was wondering if I returned some of the peripherals that came with my internet, if I would get a chunk knocked off my internet bill. I have a router and a wifi extender that I haven't used since they gave it to me (swapped it out the first da...

bcboo by Just Moved In
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How do i reprogram my remote?

A telus tech replaced my box and linked my pioneer tv to the telus remote and i dont like that idea for my own reasons. How do i reprogram it?

Tamer by Helpful Neighbour
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I have an idea...

1- Is it possible to add a feature on your stingray channels, searching by artist to listen to music from any music artist.2- to have the YouTube app or channel so we can play our own playlists on tv and watch videos at the same time.3- to have some ...

Kristina1 by Just Moved In
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Budweiser red light

Telus upgraded our modem and the Bud Red Light stopped working when they upgraded. Any ideas on how to get it work?

How to clear devices from T3200M

I was just playing around in the T3200M settings the other day and I wondered where do you go to clear a device from it's history? On my old Linksys Router you could clear out old devices. I went through now and then to clear out devices from house s...

SmokeJV by Advisor
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