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Online Gaming

Hey Everyone! Wanted to start a thread for discussion around all things gaming. From PC gaming to consoles, everything and anything about games. Are you #TeamXbox or do you ride with SONY? Did you know that the inaugural TELUS Esports Series is under...

A-B by Community Manager
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Gmail Migration - New Support Content

Hey everyone, as many of you have noticed, since last year, we’ve been migrating customers to the new TELUS email powered by Google. Providing new benefits, such as: Triple your current storage space from 5 GB to 15 GB Being able to check your email ...

psl by Neighbourhood Alum
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Port Forwarding/Incoming Requests

So I'm trying to set up a home server for hosting my small website, and I noticed that I have no trouble connecting to it from within my network, even from my external IP or the domain name, but anyone outside my network can't see it. I know the port...

bones123 by Just Moved In
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Lost Sound

I have lost the sound on my TV with Optik service (picture is fine) while changing channels. Ipresume it was due to pushing 2 buttons at once accidently. however after trying many combinations I can't get the sound back. Any suggestions.

Yomamma by Neighbour
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curious what is required to get optic tv working on my own router, i know telus doesnt support it, but i know its possible.previously i know people have got it working on asus with iptv settings i am looking to get it going on edgemax platform if pos...

Connor by Organizer
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Ping Rate

Why does my ping rate get over 900 ms on different days and time of the day?

Harry1 by Just Moved In
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Port Bridging setup

Hi all So I just got a new Actiontec T1200H router, replacing the one I had as it had issues. When the tech was here he noticed I had 2 routers, and suggested I setup the second one to get a better connection on the other side of the house. I had thi...

BeeMan68 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Modem does not start back up

Why won't my modem come back on after l had the power out for awhile. I had to unplug the modem off and on twice before any lights came back on

Bergmann by Just Moved In
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Port Forwarding with NAS Drive (Buffalo)

Hi, I really need help with this issue. I've spent quite some time trying to set this drive up. I have followed their instructions they say that I need to set up Port Forwarding. My NAS has an external port of 49686 and an internal port of 9000. Now,...

GamesBond by Just Moved In
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youtube investment

I heard youtube is making a live tv streaming service in early 2017, will it be in Canada too? what kind of speed would we need? 4k? lol, 25mbps down for that!