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Resolved! Excessive Internet Data Usage

Beginning in January 2017 I receive a email from Telus indicating I am using Excessive Data UsageWe do not use Streaming services such as netflixWe do not use Streaming services such as MusicYet since January we have been noticing a steady rise in ou...

Move Norton Security Online to Another Computer

Greetings, I had Norton Security Online (NSO) installed on my Windows 7 laptop, but my hard drive crashed. I bought a new Windows 10 laptop, and when I went to download NSO again, it shows that it is still installed on my old computer. The download p...

Shane by Leader
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Resolved! Cable box rental charge

We cancelled our telus accounts a few months back and returned ALL the installed equipment. 1xHD PVR, 1xHD digital Box, 1xinternet router. now we just got a bill in the mail saying we didn't return an additional HD digital box. We only have 2 tv's......

Resolved! Telus V1000h

Hello, Just out of curiosity should they still be distributing V1000s? The guy from QX technologies (On of the companies telus sends over) gave me one of these when my internet wasnt working right and told me it was the newest model which I know for ...

H0meUser by Just Moved In
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Surround sound on optic tv not working

Just got the new installation of the optic tv, and now, surround sound (ss) not working. I have a Yama HTR-4063 and a Panasonic Viera TV. I've tried changing to ss on optic menu, settings, nothing. My ss has a direct hdmi output to hdmi on tv, the op...

Nascarbrat by Friendly Neighbour
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Call forwarding without call display

I currently subscribe to Call Display, but want to change it to Call Forwarding. If I do not subscribe to Call Display, and I Call Forward my number to another number that does have Call Display, is the Caller ID info passed to that forwarded number?...

Stargazer by Just Moved In
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Port Forwarding to/from Raspberry Pi

Hi All, I am having issues with port forwarding on the T1200H router. I configured the router ports 1880, 1883 and 8123to be forwarded to my Raspberry Pi 3 device. The Pi works perfectly on the private IP (, etc.) sidebut I need to a...

JG by Just Moved In
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