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Webmail currently down in Courtenay, BC


Received a message from Telus that they had a temporary fix for my email on Friday Sep20 p.m.  Called back on Sat. and the fellow said they could provide a temporary mailbox with an alias to my original .net address.  After 30+ mins on the line he said he was getting an error msg and needed to bump it up the line somewhere and that group would call me back soon.  So of course no calls back and still cannot log into webmail site (freezes at "loading") and so of course no access via outlook.  Over a week now with no email and no further info from Telus.  The new normal, I guess. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Try contacting Telus using the Escalation link at the bottom of the ‘Contact Us’ page linked at the bottom of this page.  Webmail has been working for pretty much all customers for most of September, so your instance is rare.

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