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Just Moved In

How do I get the graffiti off of two Telus boxes in our neighbourhood?   The city of Courtenay says that it is TELUS' responsibility and would contact them.... it's has been months and it is still not removed.  These boxes are constantly hit - one time I spoke to a technician who was servicing one box and he mentioned that he would bring it up to management and have it removed.  NO GO  - it is still there!


Can we have this box wrapped?    This is beyond frustrating.  Address is:

1) 1855 Willemar Ave, Courtenay

2)  Corner of 20th & Willemar Ave, Courtenay


Community Manager
Community Manager

I can flag both of these to our field team to clean asap. They work in batches so while it may take some time, they'll get to it when they can.