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Doorbell cam audio

Just Moved In
Hello all. Hopefully someone can tell me why my ring doorbell cam no longer has audio?! Ive checked all settings... the volume is all the way UP yet my video clips have no sound. Even when my doorbell is rung, i can not communicate with whomever is at my door through the camera. 😔 PLEASE HELP!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Apologies for that. There are of course some first level troubleshooting things to check (of which you most likely have done some...)

  1. Ensure the call volume in your doorbell settings is set to maximum (you mentioned this one)
  2. Ensure the Wi-Fi connectivity of the doorbell is strong (use the 2.4GHz band and/or move the router closer to the doorbell for a better connection).
  3. Make sure you are holding the "Hold to Talk / Push to Talk / Talk / Mute" button the entire time you are speaking into your smartphone if applicable to the situation.
  4. Check if the microphone settings are disabled on the device. Uninstall and reinstall the SmartHome app and allow access to the microphone when prompted.
  5. Reboot the affected camera.

If none of these are doing the trick, equipment replacement or further troubleshooting is most likely needed. You can reach the SmartHome team directly at 1-855-255-8828.

Just Moved In
Turn off your main breaker in the house, turn it back on….