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Skybell Slim Line Doorbell Camera ADC-VDB105x no audio

After having no issues for the first year, the past month there has been no audio from our doorbell camera. When answering the doorbell through the app there is no audio from the video and there is no audio from the doorbell on the other end of the call. I have tried a factory reset and deleting the device and re-adding it but so far nothing has fixed the issue

Sounds like you should call TELUS to have them replace the doorbell camera on warranty...

I am having the exact same issue. 😖

Ok I had this happen as well, I tried calling customer support only to be on hold forever, so I hung up thinking OK I’ll try again tomorrow and then something happened in my neighbourhood and the power went out on my whole block when the power came back on I noticed that my sound was back on my doorbell camera so I think the answer is to turn off your main breaker in your house and then turn it back on and see if that helps. I’m pretty sure that is what fixed mine.