PureFibre line and existing hard-wired security system

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We live in New Westminster and have been told that we must change to PureFibre because the copper lines are going to be taken out. We already have fibre for our TV and Internet, it's just the phone that's on the old line.


We have a monitored, hard-wired security system connecting all our doors and windows to a DSC PC2550 panel that was installed many years ago and continues to be trouble-free.  Both Telus and our alarm company tell us it will not work on PureFibre.  There is, apparently, a means by which we can keep this system provided we add in a component to accomodate the change to PureFibre.


Can someone explain, in non-technical terms, how the telephone line will work under PureFibre, what this component does, and where it is positioned in the system?     


Will we be able to arm/disarm from the control panel within the house just as we do now? We do not want any access whatsoever to the security system via a smartphone.










It's not so much an issue with the Fibre itself but more how home phone works on a Fibre infrastructure vs copper.


On copper it is an analog connection like phone has been for the last 50 years. It consists of an electrical circuit that carries the wavelength that the telephone converts to audible noise you recognize as a voice talking to you and in the same fashion sends your voice back down the line.


On a Fibre network, it works as a digital IP based software system. Your voice is translated in to data packets and sent through the network to be digitally reconstructed on the other end as a recognizable sound. This is where older equipment like fax machines, home security alarms, or elderly people safety alert fall pendants can have trouble. These devices may not be configured to handle the IP packets or know how to recognize them.


The device you have been told about will help alleviate that compatibility issue. It will most likely have the phone line from the white Fibre ONT plugged in to one side and a jack on the other side for your home security to plug in to.

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From what you have said, I presume that Telus will update the line as far as the utility box in the basement.  We'll have to make sure they can fish it through the exterior wall and run it through the basement ceiling and into the box.  Then we'll need to get the alarm company in to make the connection between the utility box in the basement and the alarm board in the closet on the main floor.  I'll hope for a smooth transition. 


There's not much of an upside for us to this change as far as I can see - we already know that our alarm company wants to double our monthly monitoring contract because of it so we have been checking around to find a better option.


And thanks for the comment about the LifeAlert buttons too - that's not something that Telus mentioned to us at all.



What happened?  Did telus accomodate this when they switched you to fibre?  I have exactly the same situation.

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Nothing has been done as yet - mostly because Telus has not phoned back and I'm not willing to poke the bear by calling them.