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Telus WiFi Hub connect to a TPlink Ethernet Switch not stable

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Newbie here to the community, hello everyone! 


I have a Telus WIFI Hub installed in the basement with PureFibre gigabit Internet plan. Then internet cables are connected directly to the LAN ports on the hub to the wall outlets throughout the house.  I use a TPLink unmanaged switch (TP-SG105)  to split connection to multiple desktops and laptops since WFH since covid. 


Connections from the switch have been pretty good but lately has experiencing unstable connections and yesterday it won't allow connection for the entire day. If I plug the internet cable directly from the wall outlet, it works perfectly and from the switch, it gives an error "Can't reach DHCP server". I have been trying to figure out why online and didn't find anything. this morning, everything is back to normal so I'm very confused. 


I also have Optik TV and there is no issues at all but read online that it might impact the switch connection somehow...not sure why. WIFI works flawlessly the entire time. 


Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? and how do you set up multiple wired connections? 


Thank you! 


Community Power User
Community Power User

That's very odd. It's entirely possible it's an issue with the switch itself. I've had one gigabit switch (different brand) go bad on me in the past and it was unstable. I've got 6 different gigabit switches in my LAN, including the 2 of the plastic versions of the TP-Link switch you have (TL-SG1005D and TL-SG1008D), and have no issues currently. The older Optik TV boxes haven't interfered with the switches I have.

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