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I put in for a move and telus cut off my email account

The location for the forum I need isn't even an option. There is no option for being treated horribly, for being lied to, for being given the run around.I contacted telus to change my home address and move the wifi to my new home. The agent cut off m...

MW22 by Just Moved In
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Internet down

I moved into a new unit in the same building my internet was set up in, but the wifi won’t work in our new unit I have over the weekend the clean the old unit so we have kept the wifi there to connect with family! Is there anyone that can help me out...

Cmason805 by Just Moved In
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Lan port disabling internet

I have a t3000 gateway and its been swapped out multiple times. I have an issue where my internet goes down and I can't get an IP address. After a week of everything working normally my internet (wifi and hardwired) cuts out again. I have a cable run...

Setting a local DNS on my Telus Wi-Fi Hub

I have a "PureFibre Gigabit Internet" service and a Telus Wi-Fi Hub with the following information: Model Name: TELUS Wi-Fi HubFirmware Version: v3.00.23 build03Boot Code Version: 0.00.01 And I would like to set a local DNS address so all my connecte...

Insider by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Separating 2.4ghz and 5 ghz network on NH20A

Hi, I have a telus NH20A modem/router and 5 additional access points.All is well except several ecobee 3 lites that cannot see my network as they work exclusively on 2.4ghz.Is there a way to either separate my network bands or disable the 5ghz freque...

Amstel00 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Running internet through cable

I have a fifth wheel I want to get internet in but its only prewired for cable tv, I've heard somewhere that it is possible to run the same signal through it but I'm struggling to find an answer and if it is possible are there any drawbacks?

Fibre Line Broken

I moved into a new built property in the first week of September and got telus to come install my internet. Turns out my Fibre lines are broken somewhere from my house to the junction box. Its been a month now without internet and I have been waiting...

Arasool by Neighbour
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5G Issues continue

I still can't solve the issue. Last week I discovered that my 5G network on my PC had disappeared from the list of available networks. However, on my ipad there was no problem - still connected to 5G. I have tried to "talk" to someone, but apparently...

Di444 by Organizer
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using UniFi access points with Telus wifi hub (arcadyan)

Hello! I have a telus wifi hub (arcadyan) in the corner of my house! Pretty bad coverage. I have 2x UniFi wifi 6 lite's hard wired (main floor and second floor) and am running a switch which can do PoE to power them up. Is it possible to use the UniF...

dan1234 by Neighbour
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