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1.5 GIG speeds not maxing out


HI All


I just moved into a new build and am setup on the 1.5 gig plan

I have the telus Network Access Hub pre installed per the app (technicolor NH20T)I

I have run the 10GB port to a ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE 16000 2.5 WAN port using a CAT 8 cable and removed the Boost wifi as i dont need it. i understand the unit is pre wired with CAT 5E so i wont be getting more than 1gbps unless in wired into the router directly


In theory given the unit is small and im connecting to 6ghz (6E) band on my S23 Ultra should i not be able to sustain more than a 875DL/830UL or am i missing something?

with no other devices connected in the unit should i not be able to get far closer to the 1.5 GBPS given its a 1:1 connection or am i missing something?



I was unable to find an exact answer to your situation but I wanted to ask our CPUs to see if they have any insight into this situation.


@NFtoBC @xray @Nighthawk Are you guys able to chime in?

I will try that tomorrow thank you

How are you measuring the speed?

Thank you for the reply, I had used ookla on a 6ghz 6E connection and the Google test, I currently don't have an individual device that can hardwire the 1.5 gbps speed so can't test that way

It's best to separate testing of your Internet speed from testing of your WiFi speed. I'd start with testing of the Internet speed by running a speed test from the router interface if available. Otherwise you will need an Ethernet connection that is at least as fast as your plan speed. USB Ethernet dongles are cheap and handy to have around. I have several and they work well with laptops and phones.