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Resolved! Wifi Connection Issues

So I am a new Telus user who decided to get the 1giga bit plan. The internet works amazing on my gaming devices since i have them connected via ethernet cable. Issue is with the Wifi connection. I am consistently disconnected from my laptop and my Ip...

Bruce88 by Just Moved In
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Telus Account on Mozilla Thunderbird

I am currently setting up a new laptop and trying to create my account in Thunderbird as it was on my previous laptop. I followed the Telus thread for the manual install on Thunderbird but I continue to get an error "Unable to log in at ser...

Bri by Neighbour
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Resolved! possible to freeze my account for 6 months?

HiI'm in to few months of my 2 year contract, but I just sold my house and I don't move into my new house for another 6 months.I'm going to live temperately with family and they already have internet. Is it possible to put my account on "hold" mode, ...

kkim604 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Email: "Your TELUS My Account profile is locked"

I few weeks ago I got an email with this title. A snip of the body of the email is below. I checked my account and I could sign in fine, so I just ignored it. Now in the last day I have received this same message three times. Does anyone know if this...

RonAKA by Rockstar
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Running fiberoptic cable through building

Hi I am running fiber to multiple points in the house due to multiple reasons. I want to know what style of connector should be at the TP and the ONT to make sure the service tech does not have issues connecting.Also I assume TELUS want single mode c...

Resolved! Optik tv and orbi wifi 6 meah

Just bought a orbi wifi 6 system to help with our poor wifi options in langley.We have an optik pvr and 4 wireless 4k boxes paired to it .. do I need to plug the master pvr into the orbi directly to have them access that wifi network vs the standard ...

Dnelson12 by Just Moved In
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Chrome book won’t connect to Smart Hub

My chrome book gives an error message that it’s out of range. I am literally sitting beside the smart hub and all other devices work. I reset the router and restarted the computer. Any other suggestions?

Kevino by Just Moved In
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Telus internet

Crowdsourcing: Anybody with telus on their fiber optic internet300?Door to door salesman offered me a great deal on a 2yr contract. The deal is good but i was never impressed with telus before. So for those who have been with telus fiber optic300is t...

Apple drops - is boost better?

Hi4 months ago we got Optik tv and a T3200M modem and an extender. The modem replaced my Apple setup. Since then Wi-Fi has not been a good word in my house. Our Apple devices often drop the signal. I thought I needed more signal so I ordered Boosts. ...

Frznrth by Organizer
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