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Youtube Casting

I have the 4K PVR. I just noticed today, from my Laptop, while viewing Youtube, the CAST option had OPTIK as an option. Lo and behold, I could cast directly from Youtube to my Optik box. It actually launch a Youtube app. Exiting the app, and pulling ...

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Bug/Security Vulnerability for shared drives on V3200M

We can add a shared network drive to this router (and perhaps others) by plugging an external drive into the usb port, and setting it up in the options. However, it currently ONLY supports the SMB1 protocol. This is disabled by default in the next up...

TaylorM by Neighbour
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Angry !!!!

Every month my cable bill is $45 , its been that way since I moved in over a year ago . I work a minimum wage job with VERY little wiggle room . I set up pre authorized payments last year to make sure my bill is paid every month and to budget . Well ...

Resolved! Internet dropping very 3-40 minutes

My internet has been dropping very 30-40 minutes and seems to be getting worse over time. Used to only be maybe 1-2 twice a day. I had a telus replace my router about a week ago but didn't help. Anyone have any clue what can be causing this

Veer by Just Moved In
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Long wait times

As the username implies, why is telus phone support so slow?.... I call Friday to get my new address updated, and told that I will be phoned back 24-48 hours. That never happened. Call on Monday, wait 90 minutes, only for agent to tell me the guy on ...

Resolved! Sporadic signal drops on telus connection in rural area?

So I've been having a problem in the last month where a dsl line from Telus that had been working more or less fine for the last 2 years started randomly dropping the connection every now and then, with no apparent pattern. Because it keeps dropping ...

Seb1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Options for best networking

I have optik TV with 2 wireless TV boxes and Internet 50. They set me up with a actiontec t2200h router/modem. I would like to set up the fastest and most stable connection to my devices, both wireless and wired. I figure my router is older and telus...

Actiontec T3200 5G wifi disappears for 2 minutes frequently

I've been having problems with my 5G wifi SSD disappearing for 2 minutes, almost daily. It affects all devices, so not a computer issue. 2.4G network is unaffected. It's not a signal issue since devices are within 10 feet, and unlikely an interferenc...

Briwilt by Just Moved In
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