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Audio via HDMI

I just switched from shaw to telus: I run wireless box through my surround sound receiver. With shaw I just plugged in HDMI cable from box and got audio and video with Telus I get video but no audio. Does it not support both?

avdog by Neighbour
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Resolved! Best Aftermarket Router

Given this thread ( and the multitude of issues with the 3200, what's the consensus on most reliable router? I used to...

Resolved! phone outages

Our phone has been out since last Friday.  When will it be fixed?

Helen1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! pixelation when recording

Hi guys, Whenever my PVR is recording a show I get pixelation on whichever tv I am watching live. I have only 2 Cisco boxes (4k PVR + wireless box) and both are hardwired. I have the internet 100 plan. I tried reseting all boxes and the modem but sti...

RayRay83 by Neighbour
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Resolved! #TELUS Public Wifi

Hey...sorry there isn't a better place to ask the question, but I've been periodically using the public #TELUS wifi while out. Every time I connect, it says it will send me an email within 10 minutes to validate me, but I never receive the email. Any...

Telus Deceiving & Overcharging Customers

I had two 4K PVR boxes installed last month and was specifically told that there were no installation or rental fees (since I've been a Telus customer for over 15 years) and I obviously wouldn't have upgraded if they were going to charge me. But that...

Ezio by Neighbour
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Wi-Fi Plus installation

So I'm going to switch to Telus on Wednesday morning when the installer arrives. The biggest problem I currently have with my Wi-Fi network is that the wireless range is just not long enough to reach throughout my entire home, even with the Shaw Adva...

RyDawg by Coach
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