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On Going Web Mail Problem


Hello fellow forum neighbours.  Please don't "gang up on me" for posting this - I feel your pain.

My Telus webmail was "hacked about three years ago - Needless to say, it was an absolute nightmare.

I switched to a account, and have never had any problem, even during the recent Telus webmail outage and on going problems.

Sometime we just have to move on and leave the negative past behind us.  I cannot understand why people just don't cut their losses, and move to a different email.  Yes, I know some of you would like to retain your email history, but is it really worth all of the stress and constant complaining that you are experiencing??  I still have all of my home services with Telus, and that's not going to change - I love Telus.  But when it comes to email, a lot of webmail services just don't cut it.  Do yourselves a huge favour, and just change your email provider.

Thanks and the very best of luck to everyone!



Community Power User
Community Power User

It can be challenging to switch if you've been using Telus mail as your main email for over a decade. Gmail didn't even exist when we signed up with Telus. My wife is self employed and getting all her contacts to use the new email address can be challenging (autocomplete can be your enemy). The converse is that she's had issues in the past with Telus email being blocked by 3rd party spam filters and she's not informed when this happens. I've complained to Telus about this and their response was to use another email system. As a mail administrator I was appalled as they should be returning NDR messages to senders in the event of a failure.


As for Gmail there is this:


I do have a second account with Microsoft as they don't do some of the things that Google does with regard to data mining.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

I agree - I had Telus webmail for over a decade, and notifying all of my contacts of my new address, was daunting to say the least.

I had also experienced third parties blocking the Telus server - Even more reason to seek another email tool. I've had no problems with gmail, so far.

As I had mentioned, I love Telus - It's just the webmail that I no longer utilize.