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Resolved! T3200m log files

Hello, Does anyone know how to access the log files of the router please? I'd like to find out what devices have connected to my network. Thank you.

jlijli by Organizer
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Resolved! New Condo Ethernet Port Setup

Hello, I just got telus fiber up and running in my condo unit. This condo came pre-wired with Ethernet ports in the rooms to work with the fiber connection. I have tried connecting the LAN ports from the telus router into the patch panel as shown in ...

Torcida7 by Neighbour
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Need advice on how to run the new Cat6 cables

Hello, I live in an area that I confirmed online where the PureFibre 300/300 is available. My home is currently undergoing a renovation, and I'm think this is probably the best time to run the house with Cat6 cables. I'm not at all familiar with home...

Resolved! No Open Ports in Neighborhood

Hey everyone, Attempting to set up TV and Internet at a new place I'm moving into this week. Went to a Telus store about 3 weeks ago to ask about some of the offers they had, and to start the process to sign up. Went through everything at the store, ...

Matdman by Organizer
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Resolved! Satellite Receiver has no channels.

I recently plugged 2 of my satellite receivers back in after a year of no use. Both load up but do not allow me to watch any of my subscribed channels on the guide. My HD PVR receiver that I use daily works perfectly fine. How do I update the other t...


I have a question, can a company that is supposed to be so big, and continuously state that our time is valuable as a customer, when we are on hold, and apologize for it,....but when it comes to actual service, you are not even given the respec...

Samy68 by Just Moved In
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Need your advance

Hi all, I have two Arris box's in my basement that feed tvs upstairs. My IR repeater worked fine on the old box's but since updating I cannot control the new box's and my popularity in my house is shrinking quickly! Who has had success with Bluetooth...


no internet in calgary NE for almost 8 hours now!?

Emmanuel by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Pure Fibre WiFi down many times a day

Pure Fibre was installed in my apartment in Abbotsford, months ago, but the last few weeks I'm finding the WIFI loses signal constantly throughout the day. I understand it may go down sometimes, but this is not acceptable. I was trying to complete a ...

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