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Fibre upgrade report - direct to TM3200 modem, no ONT needed.


So i just upgraded to purefibre.  I warned Telus when i agreed to let them upgrade that I had a landline with alarm dialer, they issued a ticket for full switch to fibre, both phone line and internet.  They seemed convinced on the phone that it wouldn't be possible to keep my landline on copper.


I checked with my alarm company who advised that the dialer should work fine on fibre as long as Telus did the change over of the copper voice service to fibre properly, including installation of the battery backup system.


When the technician got here, I advised him of the alarm and confusion ensued.  He wanted to talk to the alarm monitoring centre to see if the "alarm was compatible with fibre".  Of course it isn't, it uses a DTMF dialer, but I let him call.  And of course the all-takers at the alarm monitoring centre had no idea what he was talking about.  And since it was a Sunday, he couldn't talk to my actual alarm company. 


So i just said: no problem, just leave the landline copper alone!  Which is what I actually wanted anyway, mainly because it is foolproof, works great, and works in a power outage so better for emergency situations.


So, he left my voice service on copper and hooked up only the internet via fibre.  The other bonus is no ONT was required, he hooked the fibre right into the modem - so a super-simple installation without a bunch of extra boxes and wiring.  Getting about 90/90 on the 75/75 service.