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SmartHub Issues


This is silly.  I can't believe it's almost 2020 and I still have to ask about this...  A cellular phone, connected to the LTE network gets an IPv6 address.  A "smart" hub, on the other hand, is explicitly excluded from IPv6.  On top of this, ICMP is blocked, which means I can't even get a free IPv6 Tunnel.


At what point is Telus going to stop penalizing rural users and offer the same basic capability that every cell phone can get?  One company offers ADSL, using Telus as a backbone, but no IPv6.  Telus does not offer ADSL in my area and the ADSL that I can get is a measely 16Mbit.  So I settled for Telus Smarthub, thinking that due to it being on the wireless network I'd be able to get IPv6.  But here we are, 3 years later and still nothing.


Someone?  Explanation please?



Or at the very least, stop handicapping my internet and allow ICMP through, so at least I can get my own IPv6.

Had a chat with Cathy in Tech support today.  She told me I should just cancel my service because nobody was going to be fixing either of the above issues.  I'm disappointed.  Her lack of caring and tone of voice made it pretty clear that I'm not a valued customer.