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Resolved! Game lag in LoL and Diablo 2 (VPN solves problem)

Hi,Starting about 2 weeks ago, my games start to have lags where it impacts the game play. Installed VPN and paid them to see if this will solve the problem and it does. I have attached 2 WinMTR with and without VPN to see what would be the issue. My...

rocky5688 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! 1gb purefibre internet not that fast - what's wrong here?

A week ago I upgraded from fibre 150 to 1gb. I get that 1gb is theoretical and that network congestion can impact speed. However, I've checked on ookla multiple times a day for the last week and the fastest down speed I get on a lan connection to my ...

robcalm by Neighbour
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Resolved! Pure Fibre in Sherwood Park AB

Is there any news/progress in the availability of fibre to the home in Sherwood Park? Telus is losing clients to cable internet due to the slower maximum speed.

eddietel by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! opening NAT type on Telus modem for online gaming (T3200M)

Hi,Does anyone know how to change the NAT type on my Telus modem to open? Would love to know how to do this. I am plugged right into the back of the modem with an ethernet cable, fiber to home service. My NAT type fluctuates between Moderate and Clos...

OGCryptor by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! T3200M no Mac Address

So our internet went down this afternoon and still down.. tech support tried all the troubleshooting and couldn't fix it.. I noticed in the modem gui that the Mac Address shows as N/A.. the serial number is there but no Mac Address... I'm thinking th...

Beef6ix by Neighbour
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Resolved! Internet Speed

Internet and home phone on fibre along with Optik TVI'm being billed for Telus Internet 150 but the Speedtest shows Download = 93.75 and upload = 93.62. How should I proceed? Thank you. Paul

Resolved! Alarm system loses dial tone on Home Phone

On telus fibre with home phone using the fibre.Yesterday the alarm system 'lost' dial tone' and starts it's 'trouble beep'. Other house phones also had no dial tone. Yesterday morning this was at 0430 so I turned off the alarm sound. Later, at a more...

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