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When are you going to fix your outage in Calgary

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My mother is a senior who is in end stages of COPD. She is ill but has decided to stay in her own home. She does not have a cell phone as she has never needed one. She has a landline which has now been OUT OF SERVICE FOR 5 DAYS. She cannot reach anyone, she cannot call 911 if necessary. There is no information anywhere and it seems as if no one cares at all about this service. The only people who only have a landline are the elderly. Why is no one talking about this? Why is no one concerned? Why is there nothing happening? FIX YOUR SERVICE


Community Power User
Community Power User

Landline outages, if it is an actual area outage, are fixed quite fast. Outages are not common. If it's something specific to a single line, which is the most common issue, someone has to report it. You can even report it on her behalf. Have you, or anyone who is helping with your mother, actually called in on her behalf? (1-888-811-2323) It can even be reported online through the chat option.

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Yes, and it is an outage as per their website   

It has been down Since 9 am Dec 8. I have called everyone.