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Ogden service disruption......again.

Friendly Neighbour

So here we go again. After experiencing 10 days without service this past summer it's time for round #2.

The first delay was presumably due to a perceived lack of interest in supporting copper line phone service.

You know, just spent $100's on a new cell phone from telus, problem solved.

Less to maintain = more money for telus. One of their people actually said that to me. But I digress.

Today it's been 6 days without service. Yes I get that supposedly major damage was done to equipment.

I found that out on my own, no thanks to telus.

This may take some time to repair. I get it.

This is an older area with a lot of elderly people. I'm sure many are sitting at home wondering what's going on.

So much for calling any emergency services.

Why doesn't telus make any effort to keep customers apprised of the situation?

I have talked to 3 different people over the last several days on their supposedly customer support line.

Apparently they all feel sorry for me. Maybe they will sent me a card for Christmas.

I signed up for updates on thier website.

They say they will send an E-mail and text my GF informing me on progress.

We got a text the first time telling me the system was down...Duhhh , all I have to do is pick up the phone.

Four days later still nothing. The website shows a grey circle over part of the affected area.

Why does telus make such an effort at subpar customer support?

The future is indeed not friendly at all.


Talk about call waiting......................


Community Manager
Community Manager

It can take some time for us to discover an issue (depending on severity) and dispatch crews to establish a root cause but once that's done and we can ascertain whether an issue is isolated or widespread, we will generally report the latter through our service status page:

The service status map can be searched by city and you can find out info such as: status, details, root cause as well as subscribe to email or text notifications relating to the event.

Friendly Neighbour
Thanks for the reply.
This is the first email I have received from telus in 6 days.
I did subscribe to email and text notifications.
Three different times in fact.Not one reply at all.
After numerous calls I was promised follow up calls.Zero calls.
As for site disruption ,if you drill down on the status page my residence isn't even on the map.


I checked your staus page this morning.
I see that the less expensive services (phone / 911 )have been saved for last.
I guess that's why telus repaired services which generate the most $ have been repaired first. ( tv and interenet)
So much for contacting emergency services.
Here I would have thought 911 would be the top priority.Alas not to be.

Still waiting for that friendly future.