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OVER CHARGED monthly billing

Hi Teillus Support, I have been using Tellus Internet, PureFibre Gigabit Unlimited, 2 years contract, and the payment is $110 / month Around Dec 10 - Dec 14 2022, I made an appointment for moving the router from ground floor to the basement ( in the ...

minhphan by Just Moved In
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Enable YouTube

If I know I couldn’t add a PIN or disable YouTube app on Telus, I will never use Telus. We were using Shaw before, Shaw allow us to add all the PIN for such as YouTube app or Netflix. Every time my child wants to watch YouTube or Netflix on TV, he ha...

4ever by Neighbour
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Telus Didn't Honour Contract

Our contract was coming to an end and we spoke to a Telus agent about renewing. They said they could and quoted us a price, and we agreed to it. Just received our first bill after that conversation and Telus didn't honour that agreement. In fact, the...

Not Receiving Internet Usage Alerts by Email

I used to receive internet usage alerts when my usage reached 75%, 90% and 100% of my plan's allowance, but I have not received an alert for over one year even though I have often exceeded 75%. My account 'Usage Details' indicates that I should be re...

RFBT by Just Moved In
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Rotating public IP after setting bridge mode

I have a Telus modem/router and my own one. I have recently set bridge mode on on the Telus router. After that I 1) cannot connect back to my Telus router and 2) my public IP keeps rotating almost every day. Was not the case before. Any idea why?

X000748 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! arcadyan telus wifi hub

The arcadyan telus wifi hub claims to support z-wave and zigbee. Does anyone know if it supports the new matter iot standard or if there are any plans for it to do so?

Kent2 by Advisor
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Billed more than what the agent said.

I got billed more than the agent who called me. said the conversation is recorded. He ask how much my precious provided charge and because it's black friday they will match it with more Gig. I ask three times how much is my monthly fee with tax and h...

Abel by Just Moved In
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Resolved! PureFibre Modem - Networking

When the PureFibre Modem is installed by the technician is only one of the LAN ports activated? I have my own internal Ethernet network and would like to use more than one port on the modem to limit the switches

Yelxop by Friendly Neighbour
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