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Resolved! WWE online

Hi,Hope somebody can help me. We subscribe to WWE network for my son. He normally watches online. Was working with SHAW, but can't get it work with Telus. I'm on PureFibre and don't have email accounts, but they did give me one for free. When I try t...

PL by Advisor
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Resolved! Fibre modem in basement should I power cycle?

Should I ever bother power cycling the fibre modem the way I do the router/modem? In the past anytime my internet slows down power cycling my routers/modem always fixed it. I am curious if it is worth adding the fibre modem to that habit? Thanks

Resolved! Telus Wifi Boost

So I installed two of the Telus wifi boosters that seem to work well, but they said I have to disable the 2.4Ghz network. It says that the it does dual band 2.4 and 5Ghz but I didn't bother having a 5Ghz guest network but I did have a 2.4Ghz guest ne...

PL by Advisor
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Resolved! phone lost

phone is lost. is it possible to shut service off for the night

joshd by Just Moved In
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Google WiFi drops tv signal

Switched the slow Telus router and range extender out for fast Google Mesh WiFi. Now my tv signal drops out. How do I fix this?

Kev12345 by Organizer
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No internet

No lights on actiontec v1000a and no internet as well, modem is plugged into a power source and i’ve factory reset and normally reset the modem, any solutions?

rphun by Just Moved In
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frustrating attempt to upgrade to 300

So I have 150 now cleary via a fibre connection , I called and confirmed that yes in fact I can get 300 but guess what ? It will be the full 110 price (with a contract) .. Really ? I ask , no discounts for signing a contract ? Nope rep replies So wha...

mike76 by Organizer
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Resolved! Ethernet over coax by two Telus modem

My house is old and only has coax outlets. So is it really possible to get another room internet over coax by another telus modem?I know it usually needs HPNA, but its price is near another telus t3200m. So I got another t3200m and have it connected ...

Alex666 by Just Moved In
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