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1080i keeps switching to 720p

Hi,I've noticed this a few times that my PVR display setting defaults back to 720p even though I have set it at 1080i, any idea what is going on? How can it be fixed?

Resolved! IP camera problem

Hi, Just switch to TELUS last week, but the internet LED on modem keeps turns to red every couple hours and I lost TV but internet still survive. I have few IP camera connect through the Wi-Fi but I don't think this is issue, because I have same setu...

Torpedo by Just Moved In
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2.4G Dropping almost every day on Actiontec 3200

I am on my 3rd actiontec 3200 modem and still have exactly the same problem. Almost everyday (usually in the late evening) the 2.4g network goes down and only comes back when I power cycle the router. I have fibre to house and this happens to laptops...

Search engine and support

Does anyone else find the search capabilities of Telus Optik to be horrible? We used to be with Shaw and we could type in a "keyword" to find the shows or series that we wanted to record. Mother Of God, with Telus, the search is almost like doing a f...

TamTam by Just Moved In
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Port Forwarding VSG1432

I can setup port forwarding on my VSG1432 but I can't access from another computer, I;m trying to setup a IP Camera, It appears that I can't see any open ports on my router at all. Have anyone else had this problem

winger01 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Losing signal on our Internet and TV.

We keep losing signal on both internet and TV. On internet, computer keeps searching for signal. TV has message on screen that says, check connection. I also have Kasperski Anti Virus installed on my computer and it can no longer do its checks automa...

Billy1 by Neighbour
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