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Resolved! new customer

I have recently moved from another company to Telus at the end of December 2016, a customer representative came to my door and offered Telus explain the cost to me and I decided to switch to Telus. I am enjoying the opportunities that are available. ...

CaseyT by Neighbour
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Second router

I have a Telus router/modem downstairs and want to add a router upstairs. Does the Telus router receive the internet via coax or from an rj 45?. If its through rj45 I think I have rj45 ports upstairs and could connect another router and configure it....

Rodwf by Just Moved In
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Misleading Website

Why does Telus not disclose the real fees associate with their services on their website, similar to what other service providers disclose? I can only assume that they do not want customers to compare plans and to trap them into long term contracts w...


Internet didnt work after waking up. Looked up fixes and reset Modem but does nothing. Wifi indicator shows up but isnt giving any off. Anyone help with this issue.

ChrisJHan by Just Moved In
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Speed issues with the ZTE MF275R Smarthub

I live in a remote part of Northern BC; specifically, around the Houston, BC area. In November, Telus introduced the first - and only, I might add - internet service available to my current area. Using the ZTE MF275R hub and a "Wireless 500" plan, I ...

Dunkaroo by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Fast Forward disabled by broadcaster message

I pause live TV then when I try to fast forward I get a message saying "fast forward disabled by broadcaster". Anyone else getting this message? Also getting a message that I need to watch the show by a certain time etc.???

LB123 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Force renew IP address

Is there a way to force the DHCP server to give me a new IP? When I hit the "release/renew" button on the status page (this is for the T1200H), it cycles (ISP goes from green "connected" to yellow "connecting", then back) , but comes back with the sa...

skriv by Just Moved In
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