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Resolved! my network config page will not open

I was on my network Gui (Actiontec V1000h) i and I had mistakenly pressed SSID guest. I hit apply and it took me out of the website. now I keep trying to get back on but it keeps giving me this message how can I get back into the GUI and turn this fu...


Connecting Google mesh to T1200H gateway

I get horrendous wifi connection in my house, to the point where I have two extenders provided by Telus and a TP-Link I bought just to use the internet. My gateway is located in the basement, with an extender on each floor. Theoretically, this should...

Naiar by Coach
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Resolved! T3200 # of devices to manage?

Two seniors on a T3200 experiencing inconsistent service.Is my # of devices causing conflicts. On my gateway are 1 wired PC , a printer on a home network and 1 coax to my Smart TV with Netflicks.Upstairs in a standard gyprok home are a laptop, printe...

thall by Organizer
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Resolved! T3200 reset to Default query?

After the reset to default on a working connection is there any settings I need to set on the t 3200 in order to connect back to my wifi system. The system is sort of working. I am not able to login and so that's my only option left. It appears to no...

thall by Organizer
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Resolved! Upgraded to Internet 150 about 5 days ago,the speeds haven't changed and i have the same gb limit

So i signed up for the upgrade when they came to my house, and they said i already had the right modem so nothing would have to change. but 5 days later my download speeds are the same. And when i get on the website and check my account it says i hav...

paparegan by Friendly Neighbour
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Server outage?

My phone and internet are both not working.. Is the server down? I cannot see server info at all online..

Resolved! 2 Bonded DSL via T3200M

Love the service when it's up and running, but it felt slightly sluggish the past couple of days and sure enough, the 2nd line has come 'unbonded' from the first or refuses to connect.. I'm not sure which. Is there some way I can nudge this to a solu...

knox-fm by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Internet Usage

It took awhile For my Internet to get paid off Can my Internet Allowance still work ?