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WiFi Boost Modem Losing Connection/Resetting After Several Weeks?

Just Moved In

This happened 2 months ago and this morning.


No internet connection. The WiFi boost modem is operating in bridge mode since I don't need its features. My own router is connected to it.


Lost my internet connection. Power cycled modem and router - no luck. The light on the modem is green but it seems the router can't get an IP address from the modem.


It works fine and then it doesn't. Both times this happened overnight, so maybe it's a result of an update pushed to the modem by Telus?


Last time on the phone with tech support we ended up factory resetting the modem and I had to reconfigure it into bridge mode.


Not sure if this matters, but I noticed last time that after the factory reset, the modem had a conflict with the router's IP address since they were both I really don't want to change my router's IP since I have so many devices (linux boxes with routing tables etc.) that it would be a nightmare to reconfigure. So, I changed the modem's IP and put it back into bridge mode.


It's a big pain to randomly lose connection and have to factory reset and troubleshoot over and over.