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Certain people can't call us.

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We recently ported over from Shaw to Telus and our number was ported about 2 weeks ago.
The issue we are having is two family members with Shaw cannot call our home.

Other shaw customers can call us but we've narrowed down these two numbers so far that are unable to call. They recieve a busy tone. We are able to call their house no problem.

Shaw says nothing is wrong with their end. Telus says nothing is wrong with our end.

This problem only started once our home phone number was ported from Shaw.

We've called Telus three times and theyve sent the issue to their backend team but nothing is being resolved.


Good luck.


If certain people can't call you, they should report it to their carrier (Shaw).  If Shaw disputs that the issue is in Shaw, get them to make a call to the line from a cell phone while they are talking to Shaw help about this.


It is one of the worst types of situations to resolve, but you're not likely to get anywhere by calling Telus about it...

They've called shaw three times and shaw says there is no problem on their end.

As the issue started when we ported our number from Shaw to Telus it seems like it's a Telus problem. Also there are two separate households that can't call us. Not just the one.

Hope telus can get this resolved. Their back end team is still trying to figure it out. Hope the second time around is enough.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Shaw's back end team should be looking into it as well as it's still quite likely on their end if only two SHAW customers are unable to call you. Shaw just doesn't like putting the effort into these issues.

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