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unsolicited NORTON VPN emails from TELUS on my Mail.

RE: unrelenting marketing from TELUS: copy of text follows:You are not protected, ...(Name)...Set up your TELUS Online Securityaccount immediately to help defendyour online privacy and deviceswith bank-grade encryption."Connect safely and privately w...

Lib by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Red fail light on white nokia ONT internet and phone out

Just got the transfer to TELUS PureFibre mandatory done on March 12, then today,March 16, from 12:10 am to 1:00 am my internet went down as I was using it. I picked up my phone and no dial tone, so I went to the room were the nokia ont is, and the re...

Norton 360 caused big problems on Mac Catalina

After installing Norton 360 on my iMac running Catalina (after being pestered to do so by Telus), web browsing stopped functioning properly. I tried the various "fixes" offered on the internet, such as things to do in Norton settings, but neither Chr...

Gaming on gigabit internet fluctuations in speed

So I'm not very knowledgeable on internet issues but what I do know is since I started with telus I have the same problem and that's unstable speeds on my internet and possibly packetloss at times.I have done my best to troubleshoot all this and ever...

Mooswa by Just Moved In
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Cannot access through WAN?

Hi everyone. Just wondering if any of you are running any self-hosted service using a personal account? I have a NAS with NVR and Homeassistant built in. Port-forward, DDNS, and Firewall are all set correctly, and I was able to access everything thro...

jweea by Neighbour
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Resolved! ARCADYAN Admin Password wrong

so im trying to change the channel settings on my router but the password is wrong for the admin password on the router and tried the booster password anyone got any ideas?

SkitzG by Neighbour
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purefibre installation appointment date

So I just registered for the compulsory pure fibre installation online. And the earliest date I can get it installed seems to be on January 2023?!?! Are these appointments really backed up right now??

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