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Online Gaming

Hey Everyone! Wanted to start a thread for discussion around all things gaming. From PC gaming to consoles, everything and anything about games. Are you #TeamXbox or do you ride with SONY? Did you know that the inaugural TELUS Esports Series is under...

A-B by Community Manager
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Gmail Migration - New Support Content

Hey everyone, as many of you have noticed, since last year, we’ve been migrating customers to the new TELUS email powered by Google. Providing new benefits, such as: Triple your current storage space from 5 GB to 15 GB Being able to check your email ...

psl by Neighbourhood Alum
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Transfer of ownership of Telus internet

Can I take ownership of someone else internet fixed term plan, I saw Facebook marketplace ad for internet plan take over, as the person is moving out of the city they are offering this. As they have a promotion, I was interested and they asked me my ...

codered by Neighbour
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Troubleshooting OpenVPN

Hello, I am new to Telus and was hoping to get some help with a problem with my OpenVPN server that started when I changed ISP. I have an OpenVPN server setup on a Raspberry Pi. It is set to port 1194. I have a the same port forwarded on my router. (...

ChrisYEG by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus boost

I have a starter pack boost. One boost is plugged into my Telus modem with Ethernet cable as instructed. The other number 2 booster is at the other end of my house boosting the wifi signal in my home office. The number two booster also has an etherne...

TakeFive by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Back to basics: T3200M & boost configuration

Hi,I have TELUS 150 using the T3200M modem/router and two boost units ... I set up a network through the boost app and get stable connection with good speeds (120 down / 41 up) on my computer the wifi randomly switched to the wifi network provided by...

Resolved! Outlook 365 - problems with migration to gmail

After the migration to gmail, my outlook account would not open. I am using Office 365. I removed and reinstalled outlook, which opened the program. However, all emails, folders and notes are gone. I went through the process of adding a new account, ...


Port Forwarding

Hi, I am a beginner and I am trying to port forward my router but I am not able to do that and also tried ddns host but still, nothing is working out. I have few questions that if I have created ddns hostname so is it necessary to configure it with a...

yang by Just Moved In
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Can we online to vacation for the internet and home phone

76 by Just Moved In
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I have the new Fiber Optic Telus Router, however not sure how to setup a dynamic DNS for it. Previously was able to set a dynamic dns and use Google or opendns. New router setup looks weird. Please advise. See Screeshot , I was able to login to the r...

fizz110 by Just Moved In
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