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Cut Phone Line - Sandpiper Drive, Sherwood Park , AB

Just Moved In

So the contractor that is continuing the installation of high fiber in the neighborhood, cut the phone line around 10 am on March 20. Called for a technician to come out as we did not know what happened, technician discovered the contractor did this and told us to call Telus. Called again ( when you can finally get through to a live person), when through the whole situation again, tried to explain the issue is NOT in our home, but in the end scheduled another technician to come out. When he arrived I stopped him at the door and pointed to the issue with the contractors working on the street and how do we get someone at Telus to set up a repair order !! He did so as he had another call up the street with the same problem. I'm sure there are more that just two homes affected by this, so you would think someone at Telus would co-ordinate all of these calls rather than having multiple techs show up in the area. As of right now we still don't know when this repair will take place. I stopped one of the supervisors from the contractor yesterday to see what he knew, and he thought they were to repair this today?? So you just sit and wait to find out when your phone line will be back up.



Hi Darcy - I wanted to check in and ask if your issue has been resolved