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good mesh system to replace the telus wifi boost?


I'm looking for something to replace or extend my telus wifi boost cause it got the modem NH20T installed in my room and that's in the middle of the house but my computer is all the way on the other side of the house near the front door. My computer can only get 1 to 0 bars if I try to connect to the booster then it disconnects itself.



Have you looked at Telus Wifi Plus? A tech will come in and basically install as many mesh AP's as required (up to 5 I think) to get coverage in every part of your house. It's $10/month, but it's cheaper than forking out $400+ on an Amazon Eero 6 plus or similar setup. Good mesh routers are very expensive. 

I went through a whole hassle of getting the modem and the telus wifi booster installed and it took a WHOLE month "signed up for internet in february 9th" for telus to get an tech guy just to come and get the first appointment cancelled then have to reschedule again just to have internet "march 13th". Also getting charged 400 dollars charged for things that randomly showed up on the bill after the installation "called customer service and fixed it" I am not willing to call customer service again to get another tech guy to come over again...

Totally fair. If I could get my wife on board, I would get an Eero 6+. They’re 25% off on Amazon right now.