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Resolved! Wifi Boost channel adjustments

Hello,I've tried to find articles about this but have not been successful. Basically I want to change the channels on my Boost. They seem to operate on the standard (highly congested) channels. To make things worse it would seem a lot of my neighbour...


Is the TELUS Services website and Webmail website down as I can not access them.

Keepola by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Can we bridge T3200M to Boosts?

Basically, I'm trying to remove the T3200M from the picture as much as possible. We are subscribed to 750. The T3209 modem direct test gets 350-400 on a good day. Yet testing directly from the fibre point of entry gets over 750. I saw someone suggest...

BC_EZ by Organizer
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Fibre Outage in Edmonton?

I live in an apartment on the NW side of Edmonton city centre and haven’t been able to go online for about a week. My phone connects to the wifi and my PC is connected via ethernet cable, but I can’t access any websites or play anything online with e...

riChal by Just Moved In
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Can't Access or Telus Webmail Account

I had an email account on Tel; which I haven't accessed for quite some time. Recently when Yahoo closed down their sites, I lost a year's worth of articles. Then I remembered that I probably received a daily update from the site in question in ...

Steve11 by Just Moved In
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Slow wifi speeds with gigabit

Hi folksI recently upgraded from 150 internet to gigabit. I'm frustrated with the lack of upgrade (for lack of better words) at the devices over WiFi.Long story short this is what we've done so far:Replaced t3200 modemReplaced white box upstream of m...

jgg123 by Neighbour
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Fibre Optic Down in Edmonton SW?

My internet just died in the early morning. I followed the troubleshooting guide from the website, but the modem isn’t getting an internet connection. I tried calling tech support only to find out they’re not even open. What are people supposed to do...

Rhycin by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Latency spikes to first hop

Good morning. The short version is that I'm experiencing large spikes in latency to the first hop past my modem. Below is the output of WinMTR.Host%SentRecvBestAvrgWrstLastrouter.lan030803080000010.139.48.10307330733239494154.11.12.219030713071264694...

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