Need to open ports


I require access to TCP ports 80, 443, and 6112 for a game I run regularly, Guildwars. I had Telus installed yesterday and now cannot log in to my game and believe that this is the issue. How to I or Telus allow access to these ports for the game. 


Also, I tried to set up my telus app and my account is not activated yet (?) so I'm stalled. 


Telus consumer accounts have various ports blocked to incoming traffic. More info here:


If you truly need incoming access to these ports you would either need to enable port forwarding or get a business account.


I suspect you only need outgoing connections on 80 and 443 which is already open otherwise your browser wouldn't work. They are only blocked for incomming connections. Port 6112 is not blocked at all. If connections on 6112 are initiated by the server then you need to port forward from the router to your gaming device. If the connection on 6112 is initiated by the gaming device then it should just work.