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Resolved! Need Help with Port Forwarding On a Non-Standard Port

Hi there,I recently put up a weather station that outputs it’s data as a simple website but it has only been available on my local network and I am trying to get it to be public by port forwarding. I know that Telus blocks port 80 on residential acco...

Resolved! Synology Router RT2600ac without bridge connection

Hello,I'm wondering if anyone has had any success with connecting a Synology Router RT2600ac for their internet and TV with no issues. I connected mine, but my TV would lose its connection every 10 seconds or so. No issues with the internet. I had a ...

Resolved! How to change my T3200M modem's subnet Mask

I had to relocate my personal nas from another home to my new place. As a result, my NAS is no longer detected in my new home network. I have read that its because the telus modem has a different subnet mask. My nas has a subnet mask of

izeric by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Upgrading from Copper to Pure Fibre

Hi,I'm a tenant in a basement suite who has to have their copper internet upgrade to Pure Fibre. The Telus tech said it would come from the utility pole and then he has to get into the lane way house then drill into my suite and then he has to go ups...

Nokia Phone Modem in front of Telus Hub

Hello,Telus installed our home phone today. The tech unplugged the fiber from the Fiber Hub plugged it into a Nokia box and connected the Nokia box to the Fiber Hub using a CAT5 cable. So the Fiber Hub is now a copper hub.What is the value in doing t...

NathanG by Just Moved In
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Resolved! New Condo, Has TELUS Fibre. Want to figure out best way to set up PC in second bedroom via ethernet

Just bought a new condo. TELUS Hub is located by the entryway, and my PC/gaming room is set up in the second bedroom. This is a good distance away from the hub. There are CAT5e ports set up throughout the home, including the second bedroom where my P...

Resolved! Port Forwarding on T3200

Hi all, I've read through the forums, and it seems this has been asked before in dozens of iterations, but never in the same way, and never really solved. I'm trying to port forward on my T3200 router and it's not working. I've tried it two different...

Resolved! Rate Increase for Long Distance

So I am currently on a two year contract with Telus but I suppose that it only actually applies to Internet and TV because my bill went up by $3. This doesn't sound like much but basically, it is only for a long distance plan and reflects an increase...

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