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Fibre install question - house


I know there are a boatload of posts on this, but I still can't quite figure it out. 


We did renos on a couple of years back and I asked them to install new cable runs from the utility closet in the middle of the house to the box outside the house (demarcation point). From a random picture I just dug up during construction, I don't think the cables were run through conduit and I never asked to run fibre optic.  I do have a Cat6 outlet on the opposite side of the wall of the demarcation point, but there's built in cabinetry, a desk, etc. on that wall, as well as the main circuit panel for the house. 


We were with Telus, but post-renos switched to Shaw because the max speed was 150Mbs with Telus. Telus has now installed fibre in the neighbourhood, so thinking of switching back to Telus but don't want a messy install.


I only see one coaxial cable coming from the street (via conduit( to the demarcation point. Not sure if Shaw/Telus just switch that cable between their services in their utility box closer to the street? I suppose Telus would look to run fibre through that same conduit?


My question is ... I'm guessing there's nothing in the pics that looks like fibre, which would mean punching a hole into the cabinetry/wall to stick the ONT near power and Ethernet, which would then backhaul to my own router in my utility closet?


Outside of HouseOutside of HouseInside of ClosetInside of Closet


Community Manager
Community Manager

Fibre would be run from the outside conduit to where this current copper wiring is in your pictures. A tech would need to be onsite to see if a hole would need to be made from outside to get everything inside the home.

Thanks. Would I have control over how the fibre gets routed internally? I don't know the path the current coaxial takes, but is it fair to assume it would be unlikely that the fibre can be pulled through in lieu of the current wiring that goes to the inside of the closet? Or can the fibre get connected to the existing wires running from the outside of the house to the inside of the closet?

It's hard to say exactly how the fibre will be pulled into your home through a screen but I do know that if there is an existing conduit from outside to inside then that's most likely how the fibre will be pulled.


You do have control as you are the home owner and our technicians will always explain what work he will want to do and it's up to you to say yes or no.

Thanks, that's helpful. I think I've found the conduit, which was near the old utility closet, which we had moved during renos. So, the existing coaxial now runs from the new utility closet up through a drop ceiling and then down through the conduit  (by the utility closet) outside the house.


Last question: If I really want control over how the fibre optic line is run in the house, such that the Ont can be stored in my new utility closet (where the rest of my equipment is), running up through the false ceiling and down through the existing conduit, ending up outside the house where the existing cables come in, am I better off hiring someone outside of Telus to do that work? Can they just leave the end of the fibre outside the house for Telus to connect it to the line running to the road? Can I pay the Telus guy extra to spend the extra time fishing the wires? If so, can I choose a Telus guy who's up for that sort of stuff (so he knows in advance I'm looking for a particular install path and prepared to pay accordingly)? I'm the kind of guy who believes you get what you pay for, and I'm a little worried about a "free" install taking the path of least resistance (literally and figuratively) through our renovated place.

I do believe you can run your own fibre line through your conduit and the tech should be able to use it. They do check light levels during install to make sure it works and that there aren't any breaks in the cable.


You can let the tech know the day of install that you have your own line and that you've made his/her job easier and show him/her where your ONT should be ran. This does take the planning part away from the tech and save them time and effort