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Advance wifi log in

I am trying to log in to, I've used the credentials in the back of the hub and it does not work. Ive also tried the default log in credentials that were posted online and nothing seemed to give me access. I also can not find the "access...

How to restore service after an abuse suspension??

Hello. Somewhere on my network there was a nasty little script running, that kept trying to SSH its way into random German IP addresses. Looking at the logs, it was a simple attempt, denial, and booted. Now, I had no idea where this could be coming f...

graym672 by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Using TP-LINK AX10 instead of T3200

Hello, We recently moved into an apartment with Telus Fibre. I'd like to use my TP-Link AX10 instead of the T3200. Do I just need to place the T3200 into bridge mode and then connect the TP-Link router? Something tells me it's not as simple as that.

japaul32 by Just Moved In
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Moving To A New Apartment, What Do I Need To Do?

In a week I'm moving to a new apartment, I still have a month or two left on my Telus plan and was wanting to bring it with me to the new place, what do I need to do. Do I have to notify them and get a technician or can I just move my router there?

marekmais by Just Moved In
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Fibre optic update question

This might be a stupid question. I scheduled an appointment to get the fibre optic update and was going to work from home that day since someone needs to be here. However, is my intent service down during the instillation? If so, that won't work for ...

Gov52 by Just Moved In
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Webmail managed by Google is awful

Ever since Telus forced us to put our 2 Telus domain email accounts onto Google/Gmail it's a big pain managing our Telus email. Google is constantly bugging us about multiple Gmail identities, logging us out of our accounts, etc. We both already had ...

gem_ebg by Neighbour
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Fibre install question, what's "standard" now?

A friend of mine is also a retired Telus employee and owns a house in Burnaby. He was having his fibre service installed; the first (contractor) installer would not run the drop in his heated concrete crawl space, he left a coil of "clear curve" insi...

Internet 75 speeds?

What are you guys getting for download/upload speeds? I had Internet 50 through telus for a few years and used to have great transmission speeds of approx 50Mbps...This changed at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, in Oct 2019. Starting then, I wou...

Constant WIFI drops on IPAD - Arcadyan modem

T3200M modem recently replaced by Arcadyan modem which does not have the ability to create separate 2.4 & 5 ghz connections. When the T3200s were up everything worked very well across the home. Only problem was T3200s were flaky and required multiple...

Jpmaxell by Just Moved In
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Call control for Smart Ring

I have call control set up on our main line, but still receive spam calls on the Smart Ring #. Does anyone know how to add the call control feature to a smart ring line?

CZ_1 by Just Moved In
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