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410443-ts booster doesn't register devices


My post was archived in less than a week.

Anyways, the suggestion was to called Tech Support.  They tried to help but couldn't really figure out the issue.  They gave me some ideas though and I managed to resolve after.


As mentioned, the web admin of the booster reported that the non-working boosters (doesn't register any devices) report Sync Result = Configured for other RE or something like that.  While the working boosters report Sync Result = Success.  The LED lights were blue (working) for all four boosters.


The following step got the Sync Result to report Success on the two non-working boosters:

- factory reset

- remove booster from TELUS connect

- add booster to TELUS connect (follow instructions on connect to add booster which includes ethernet connection & power up sequences)

- go back to web admin to WPS booster to main booster

- web admin reports sync result = Success and booster is serving other devices.