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Any manuals available for Telus wifi hub?

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I just got Telus Wifi Hub installed recently with boosters on my fiber-optic connection. But since it is new, I am not able to find any manuals or extra stuff on it. I am trying to push all my traffic through a certain IP address. I have made an ad blocker on that device. For that, I either need to disable DHCP on the router manually or be able to assign a DNS primary and DNS secondary to the IP address of the device(with adblocker). Second method is easier but I can't seem to find a way to do it. Can anyone help me with that?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The user guide you linked to is for a 3G cellular smart hub, not the new wifi hub.

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first link only gives super basic info and second one is not relevant to the device as mentioned already

I just recently got the new Telus Wi-Fi Hub equipped with the 1.5 gigabit fiber optic module. The only bloody issue is that the phone line on it is dead and the tech support agent informed me that the system is SOOOOO brand new that they don't have the software ready for it, and in usual Telus fashion they fail to inform me of such issues before the install.


I require the manual for the device and the means of enabling the home phone line so I can use the phone.

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I haven't seen a manual for the home hub yet. If the phone line isn't working, I'd be pestering tech support for someone to fix it or replace it.

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I seem to have failed to make the problem clear. The home phone i bought to use on the system works perfectly. The "Telus Wi-Fi Hub" however is NOT.

When I look up other hardware on the Telus website I can get manuals, if it's not there then a quick google search.

But not the hub.


Like I said before, I'm waiting on Telus to fix this issue with a software update. Worse case scenario they will continue to eat the home phone bill while I keep getting free redirect to my cellphone.



I would love to see an official response here from a Telus employee or a PM.

I figured I would give everyone an update.


They still have no "actual" solution other than changing the account for the home phone to a "smart" cellular hub for the home phone line.


This involves them having to send a device out which takes them 5 days to just push out and another week to arrive.


$10 credit added.

$40 connection fee.

$25 Sim card fee.

$10 "probation" fee



$10 Canada wide unlimited.

$10 unlimited USA Call.

Under a contract of 24 months.


Services offered but refused:

$9/ Month Hardware Warranty.


There's also a snip under the contact with involves a penalty of $100 should I want to remove any of the international features.

To say that I'm being played around is an understatement. To top it off they still failed to provide me with a Manual for the Telus WiFi-Hub.


So much for having our backs during hard times right?


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