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Resolved! Inconsistent and slow internet on 750 mbs plan

I've had more than 10 technician come to our place to try to resolve our issues. None have been successful. They all repeat the steps prior technicians have done, and nothing changes. The issue: On a 750 plan, I receive inconsistent speeds that range...

Bemoan by Neighbour
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Resolved! Is It Worth Bothering With Telus?

Shaw was horrible. Twelve months ago made the mistake of checking our ancient plan with them and they "upgraded" us to a "better" and "money-saving"plan that's so slow it's not even offered any more. And 12 months later it's become more expensive tha...

Resolved! System compromised?

I called TELUS Jan 10th for the purpose of topping up my account and getting details of minutes remaining. The rep beat around the bush and said he would take care of everything. Don’t be concerned. But in making a call back later, nothing had been d...

Slow Speed Refund/Rebate

Since my internet speed is routinely now 20-25% of what I'm paying for, will Telus knock 75% off of the outrageous monthly rate it charges me for internet services? Unlikely, I know. It's curious to me how my internet speed takes a nosedive, and then...

Roteco by Organizer
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Resolved! Boost wifi settings getting disabled when changing SSID

I just got the Boost Wifi kit and I'm running into this really weird problem. Either when setting them up through the app or through the admin console as soon as I change the SSID for the Boost wifi, I can no longer see the Boosts on the app and when...

Sicksir by Neighbour
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Resolved! Connect GE Smart Plugs 2.4ghz to Wi-fi smart hub

Hello, I have the Fibre optics wi-if smart hub and I cannot connect a GE smart plug because it says I don’t have a 2,4ghz. I see lots of fixes for the older version of the modems but not mine? I have the Arcadyan Telus Wi-fi Hub? Any help would be gr...

JKB by Neighbour
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Number of devices on Telus Rural Broadband

We're moving to a rural location in the near future and I'd like to use solutions that would include the Telus Rural Broadband service. If I connect the an External LAN router via Ethernet to the ZTE router and disable its wireless is the number of c...

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