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Why does TELUS NOT respond to customers?

We have been waiting 3 weeks now for internet and cable home service.Missed 2 days of work for techs that don't show up, with no call back, apology or re-schedule.Spend close to 9 hours in hold (to date...) only to be promised call backs, and get non...

CraigM by Just Moved In
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telus webmail

Hi i have not been able to log into Telus webmail since Sept 26 , i will either get password error or A network service error has occurred. When i tried to contact the 24/7 virtual assistant tonight but i get the message that they are closed lol.Anyo...

Kim-Me by Neighbour
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pop3 web mail down ?

is anyone else having time out issues accessing incoming mail.system keeps timing out and asking for network info and password

mjh by Just Moved In
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Building internet disconneted

I am out of the country now n the internet has been disconneted the day before my departure n i needed the internet at that time. now my roommate needs it n i cannot go home for that. i tried calling the Telus international phone number and i was bei...

KCheong by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Setting up Google wifi mesh

I’m thinking of purchasing the Google wifi to deal with the dead zones and speed issues in my house that the Telus routers/extenders can’t fix, so I had a few questions.When I’m setting it up, do I need to give the mesh network a new name or should I...

Naiar by Coach
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Resolved! T3200 modem and wifi extender issue

I have T3200 modem and a wifi extender, all our devices are connected to the modem. I can see all our devices from the modem gui ( under the home network while from the wifi extender gui, I see only one device (, no unknow...

teloos by Organizer
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T3200M Connection Issues

i just switched to Pure Fiber recently and received their T3200M modem. it seems that i have some sort of weird connection issue with the modem after a certain period of time. sometimes wifi will refuse new or existing connections, as in i can't conn...

DNS Redirect Issues

Bridged T2200H and configured the upstream firewall via iptables commands. I want certain traffic to route through DNS A and other traffic to route through DNS B. Even with the router being bridged, the T2200H still overwrites any DNS addressing from...

Chrisq by Friendly Neighbour
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