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Resolved! Wi-Fi boost and original network

Can anyone tell me if or how I can configure one network using the telus Wi-Fi boosters?We just installed telus pure fiber (from Shaw) and realized that 5G coverage was limited. Installed a couple of boosters which solved the problem of 5G coverage b...

AaronQ by Friendly Neighbour
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Port Forwarding on T2200H

I have read so many posts pertaining to Telus Port Forwarding, with contradicting information. Some state Telus blocks all ports on a Non Static IP plan, others state Telus blocks specific Ports (21, 80, etc). To the point... I have been trying for a...

Chrisq by Organizer
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Resolved! Returning equipment

I cancelled my services over a month ago and still haven’t received a box to return my equipment. I’ve called numerous times and get a different answer every time. One of them being they are going to charge me for the equipment first then send me the...

Internet Issues.

Hello. I am having issues connecting our mobile phones to our telus wifi. However, our tv is still connected.

kdcassy by Just Moved In
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Wondering about potentially high latency at condo

Hi guys, I just had fiber installed at a condo today (after a ton of issues with the wiring supposedly) and when doing a speed test the tech was getting around 33 ms to the nearest server. Currently at home with telus to the same server on speedtest....

Gurv1 by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus Home Assistant/Google Home - not linking/broken

Hello, Any idea why this is not working? Id like to link my Google Home to my Telus Account so that I can voice control my OptikTV box via GH but I cannot because of some "broken link"

ADC by Organizer
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Telus down?

Is Telus down in Vancouver? Tv and phone it not working

DZ by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Internet 25 - 2 Year Term

Hi, I'm a new customer looking to set up Internet 25. It looks like there are 2 options, either no fixed term or 2 year fixed term which has better price promotions. I found another web page (

kw11 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Amazon Fire TV Edition + Cable

Hello I recently bought a new smart TV which had Amazon Fire built in, one of the features is you can use Alexa to change channels if you connect an antenna cable or a cable box. After trying to plug the cables in the back I couldn't seem to get it t...

Resolved! Replacing the T3200M with a Linksys EA9500v2

Hello Telus Community! I'm a long time Telus user and our neighbourhood was recently upgraded to the PureFibre network so we happily switched over to the new fibre technology for OptikTV, ISP, and telephone. Everything worked fine for about 2 weeks, ...

OzMosis77 by Friendly Neighbour
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