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Telus email migration to Google broke my YouTube access. Does Telus care?

Just Moved In

Now that I've migrated my email to the new Google platform, my Youtube Channel and Subscriptions are not available.

Because my Youtube sign-in was linked to the email, I get a 'Not allowed by Telus' message if I try to log into YouTube.


Extremely irritating as I now don't even have access to any videos I uploaded to YouTube.


Has anybody else had this problem, and solved it??




Friendly Neighbour

I had the same issue with YouTube from my laptop and a brand new Samsung tablet after my new service was connected in June. I was getting "You don`t have access to YouTube. Contact your system administratot" messages. After being referred to a repair depot, a new Gmail account was created to use as a login and that solved the issue for me. Previously the .net email addresses from TELUS were ok to be used, but not since the migration.

I hope this helps you solve your issue.



This happened to me as well.  I'm wondering, how did you get a referral to a "repair depot"?  Who referred you?  Also, is the repair depot a google repair depot?  I've contacted Telus directly but they will not help me at all.   Next I turned to looking for assistance on youtube/google, but there doesn't seem to be any substantive help if I am not the administrator (which I though Telus would have to be (the administrator)



Helpful Neighbour

Seems I was luckier than you.  When I log in to YouTube with my Telus email, I get this warning message:


Your account has changed
The *********** address is no longer available because an organization has reserved this address. Why does this matter now?

Don't worry. Your data is safe. To use it, you need to create a new account with a different email address. Your password and security settings will remain the same.

Account details

What kind of account would you like?

( ) An account with Gmail and a new Gmail address
Select this option if you want to add Gmail to this account. Unfortunately, we cannot move your data into an account with an existing Gmail address.

( ) An account that uses a non-Google email address you already own. ex: [email protected]
Select this option if you want Google products but not Gmail.

[CONTINUE] [DO THIS LATER] Not sure what to do?

I click on "Do this later" and it lets me continue on to my account.


That is google!

If it works great, if it broke, too bad, it was free.

The lack of help is another way to try to force people to give them as much info as you have so "you can recover" you email etc.

I have an email that I can't recover for 5 years and yet it keep forwarding the mail, so I know it's active and nothing I can do.


@Just_LH  Same for me  You have to get another Gmail address to sign into youtube.

Actually I just looked and now I see that this account doesn't come with Youtube !

That's surprising.

So what happens is that google recognises that you are logged in, (L show for me) , but says no access.

I never used U2B with telus so no issues with migration.

You could add another google account (shame on Telus/Google making you do that....was that in the press release?) and logged into two accounts at once (I think) but I also don't like when google collects addresses. So I won't be doing that.

Log out ...remove address from login field.....log in with other address.


For some reason I can't upload picture....can't create album. 🙂

Community Power User
Community Power User

@Just_LH - It has been said before but the email accounts Telus offers are NOT the same thing as a Gmail account. Gmail is a very different product. You want all the Google services? You'll need a Gmail account at this point.

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It says "enterprise-grade G Suite" who knew it has less than the free version.?

Not a problem, but you could have addressed my inability to upload picture into the forum.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I don't work for Telus nor do I have any control over the forum. I am unable to upload images as well.

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Helpful Neighbour

It sounds like maybe the solution to this is to change the email associated with the google account BEFORE transferring your email.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a process described here for folks who used a address to sign up for Gmail.


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Just Moved In

Same annoying problem. Can't Telus do anything right?