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Network MS / Latency issues in Virtual Reality, can't figure it out


The Problem - I am experiencing network ms and latency spikes at periodic intervals at the same time, it's a pretty obvious correlation in my video. It happens with both the ISP router, and my AXE75 which I used to attempt to fix the problem but it of course persists. Network ms / latency spike up and down by exactly 10 essentially at the same general time.


Video below.



My Setup -

- Two TV Boxes, ISP Router/Modem Combo, Network Access Hub, and an AXE75.


What I've tried -

- Dedicated AP Router AXE75 specifically for VR that nobody else was connected to

- ICS setup with AXE75 to try and isolate away from ISP network incase it was causing a problem

- Switching cables

- Tried checking for PC instability incase it had something to do with it


What I've noticed -

With my AXE75, if it is in bridge mode it performs even worse, but runs better in main router mode - still has the re-occurring spikes though just like the ISP router.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Have you spoken with our Tech Support team about this?

Yes, the person replaced the NAH and left, it didn't help.

Essentially did a speedtest said nothing was wrong and left, I need somebody that is going to go more in-depth here.

Problem (


I took a new video if you want to see.

Could really use some help here lol


Problem (    ---New video link

Real life sustainable speed of 5G WiFi is around 200Mbps, and you are pushing it. For 200Mbps CBR encoding, you probably want to use a wired connection, or go VBR by enabling 'Automatic bitrate'. My 2 cents.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Perhaps a search online would yield some better support help.