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Resolved! Why does Sonos hate Boost?

Recently switched over to a single wifi network in my house. Boost does it all now and it is awesome...except for Sonos.Sonos hates the Boost setup. It keeps disconnecting, and the app throws the error that there is not enough bandwidth to stream. I'...

stick by Organizer
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Possible Outage Edmonton?

Dores any one have internet, phone and or TV? Its been 5 hours with no services. Tickets have been placed, technician is to arrive tomorrow. In the mean time any suggestion?

Resolved! call control questions

Hello peeps, I installed Call Control due to my phone number being spoofed. Example: Received a call at 7:15 am I ignored then called the number 1 hr later. I woke the person up a they did not call me. Over the last year someone has been calling me e...

checkmate by Friendly Neighbour
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better internet options in Lake Errock, BC

Hey TELUS, Lake Errock is part of mission, BC. Any ideas when we get better internet options out our way soon? We've got download of 6mp/s. Only two of us at home and nothing else in area. Mission is PureFibre already. Any ideas when your footprint w...

Hamdilch by Just Moved In
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Resolved! I can't access

Hi guys, i need help on this. I cant access on my desktop but I can access it on my iPhone 5. Can someone help me on this whether what should I do to my desktop browser so I can get into the modem site?

Resolved! No more chat?

Over the past few days notice that chat is not working to communicate with Telus. Has telus discontinued the chat. Always get no chat agent available and then it disconnects.

Timmah by Neighbour
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How come new customers get really good deals & a free item when loyal customers get screwed after the 2 years is up, Never got a free item but have been a loyal customer for years....

Eo by Just Moved In
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Internet apps without internet

I saw on another thread that it is possible to access Youtube and Netflix via the Optik apps even without internet service. My uncle does not have internet so when I was over his place a couple of nights ago, I gave it a try. Sure enough, the Youtube...

dciarnie by Organizer
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Shaw vs Telus impression

I was a Shaw client for over 20+ years and now have joined the Telus band wagon for what I am feeling to be a bit of a mistake. It was sold to me as a fast dedicated service just to find out at time of my installation that I would only be able to joi...

FDz by Just Moved In
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